Blog Improvements

Hey guys im really sorry too tell you today that I am finished blogging with this blog but I do have another blog if you want to visit it would be nice the link will be at the end of this last post.

Since the first day I ever blogged I think I had a lot of improvements with my posts I put a lot more details and also more information but what I think I mostly improved is how I can do longer posts. I learned a loy of things about how to blog and different widgets that I can use no and I can add different types of pictures now and even more.

I remember my first post it was about my learning style I didn’t have a lot of details but now I am able to add more information and I even did a novel.

I had a really good teacher too help me with blogging and an amazing class that kept on teaching me new things I really enjoyed being with all my friends and thanks too everyone that followed me and that supported me in my blogging journey hope you could visit my home blog and if you liked my blog you will like my new blog it is the same but with even more sports and art.

Thank you all!

Science Project

So far in my science fair I really just need to finish my board by gluing the titles and also to glue the information. I did the experiment at home already and I got my results and my results match my hypothesis I had a few problems that got me a little frustrated like when I was supposed to tie up the balloon the balloon would sometimes slip out of my hands and I would have to blow it up again after about ten minutes trying as best as I could I finally were able but I was not happy that after making the balloon blow all his air out I would have to do it all again to try to do the same experiment but this time horizontally that time I was able faster because I got the hang of it.

I will now collect new materials after they broke so I can do my project at school.


Science Fair!!!

A few weeks ago I was talking too you about  my science experiment on the force of gravity and I have started it and also finished everything here is my materials:

Question: Which way does the balloon go farther?

Hypothesis: Wall to wall because of the


-A long thread

-Thin string through a drinking straw

-coat hanger


– twist tie from plastic garbage bag

The Magic Lion


The Magic Lion is a sort of tiny movie that I really like, I really like it because of the cartoon and also because of the non fiction actions that are also mixed up with fiction.

A short summary of the Magic lion, A little boys grandfather is really sick and needs medication that is really far away from there little city, as the boy walks through all the danger of deserts and also forests he hears a large yell the boy goes see what it is and finds a lion the lion is trapped in a net and as the boy feels bad he cuts the net until he sees the lion is grateful and wants the boy to go on his back. The boy has no idea where the lion is bringing him but stays on the lions back but a few moments later he arrives to the village he was supposed to go then there waiting for him is three women’s who already made him an antidote as the boy turns around the lion isn’t there anymore. Then the boy remembers the path and finally arrives to his city and heels his grandfather.

The movie is only dark colors in my opinion by changes to really dark to light dark. I think that the cartoon in this movie is paper work (collage).

Fitness Team

Hi world, Today I will be telling you about my new success I made the fitness team at my school. In the fitness team there is difference things there is bench hop, speed skipping, shuttle run, long jump and push up the maximum teams you can do is three. I made two teams I did are long jump and speed skipping.

Did you ever do a team at your school?


I chose this picture because I love snowboarding.

I have too snowboard one that is really cheap that I use in places that or for fun and my other snowboard is a really good one that coast me about 100 dollars I use it when I am on big hills it is easier for me to do tricks and it is way more comfortable.



jpg tom

Nightmare Before School

Things he is scared of in my opinion is to be laughed at because in the movie it seems like he has a project and then people look at him and start laughing.

An other reason he has the nightmare is that he is scared of teachers because there is one time were a teacher brings him in his office and the boy then starts sweating

Also at the beginning he is really small so maybe he doesn’t want to be smaller then everyone because people would laugh at him like when he was tiny and then he fell and all the class started laughing at him.

He might as well be scared about having trouble making friends because at a part of the movie he sees or imagines his friends when they are older and starts smiling and laughing but then when he is about to see himself he is then starting to get scared and he is also panicking so maybe he thinks that he isn’t cool enough and that also not as special as all the other kids ant that he is weird.