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February 27, 2014

The Giant’s Castle (Chapter 1)

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Once upon a time in a Small village called Gaint that place was all black and creepy but in an other village was a beautifull place with the flowers growing but they didn’t know about the catastrophe that was about to happened (0h no). Today 19th February 1623 the hunters are going to go get there favorite food meet the tender in the animals of Gaint  is really delicious to tell you the truth is that the animals have a source of power and the giants need it to survive when they are old because that make them become again those little cute giants.


One day in Gaint there were no more animals so the giants were terribly mad because they were starving and they thought that they would die. One day the giants were to much hungry to not eat they had to go searching so they did go searching for food and on their way they saw the other village Paradine and then one giant saw an human and he was hungry and to make the others know there’s something moving, but the human was far so he thought it was food so he yelled as loud as he can whaaaaaaa all the other giants went to see and they had the same idea that I have and you have, they ran as fast as they could and bahooooo bahooooo the alarm rang the giants did not understand.

The villagers of Paradine went to fight and boom a big sound caught the giant’s attention one giant fell but how, the villagers weren’t armed the only thing they had was ropes they tied up the giants while they were looking at the other giant down and there was only four giants left ,miracle, the four giants king the dirt, wind ,fire and water. All of them were sad of losing there family and decided to build a castle to then destroy the humans and with the force of the four giants the castle was getting already better and bigger.

February 13, 2014


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sam tom hockeyAnd it`s a goal. Hockey an awesome sport my favorite whant to know why the reason is me I love it for tackeling. The feeling you have when you do a goal the red light covering your face with glory you feel like a king. The best thing that can happen is when your there no body in front of you shot top corner and it`s a goal gust imagine the feeling you can have. What a sport I love I always watch it my favorite team is Canadian then Boston then pitsberd my favorite player is max paciority. The best player of the Canadian is Max Paciority the Canadien won the most Stanly cup ever and before they had really good players like Guy Lafleur,Andri Richard,Bobby Rian and more.

So, what is your favorite sport?


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When I Get Older

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sam tomWhen I get older I might be a cherourgian or a rock star . I want to be more a rockstar because I like dancing and singing. I play guitar, flute, recorder and I`m lerning how to play drums. I like music alote so like you could proboblly know is that I look a lot of music show like the Vois, glee and I like rap. My favorite rapper is Eminem also my favorite singer you can hear him on youtube and more site . My favorite song is Eminem no love exiplex version an awesome song that is about a boy who gets bullyied and then one day he gets made and you don`t want to hear more. And if I could be a cherourgian it`s because I like helping people allot.


You, when you get older what do you want to be?

Skating Arena

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I like arenas because a lote of sports need one like hokey. Also one thing I like is near Braehead_Arena_26_12_2011 Sam Tommy house theres an arena.On Saturday, Sunday there`s free skating it only costs 1,25 for a child and $2.00 for adults. The arena is exactly beside my house so I just walk there and have fun. Also a lot of my friends go there to play hockey so I play with them. On some days I go see maches of hockey at the arena just for fun but I like it more when my friends play because they are good. A fun thing at the Arena is also that you can buy candy , chips etc. sometimes I even go down in the locker rooms to play hide and sick and me and my friends have a secrete hiding spot that we build on the other side of the arena where there’s a whole and we go in it I always go there for hide and sick. and beside the arena the Zamboni puts the snow so I play in it. Beside the locker rooms there’s a store where we can buy all the hockey things you need and I buy all my hockey things there.

 Do you like to skate in a team are for fun? 

Photo Credit: Il cacciatore, Wikipedia

February 10, 2014


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Hurray the two Canadian sisters won the Gold and silver medal what a success I am really proud of them they are representing are country I saw it and it was liDufour-Lapointe Justine Chloeke a sunshine in my eyes what a great talent they are so good they went down the hill with their skis with all those bumps obstacles There trust in there self-there smile so plenty of joy they were flying in the air like a bird. One thing that was incredible was when one of the girls did this flip like a champion ,cheering was what everyone was doing after on television all they were talking about was that what a success for Canada. If I was them I would be all happy and joyful but they were so incredible there moves were like on fire the points going up and up what a team of champions.


Did you watch there success and if you did are you happy for them?

My Learning Style

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WORD SMART: I like to talk about things I read or heard because they let me teach what I learned. Books are very important to me because I love to read and study.

I have written something not long ago that I am proud about because I told myself that it would be fun and when I finished it I was really proud of it and me.


NUMBER SMART: I can easily add numbers in my head because one of my favorite subject is math and I really like counting.


Math and Science are my favorite subject because to me they are really fun to do. Read the rest of this entry »

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