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September 18, 2014

My Dream

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First of all my dream is not a dream because it will be realized but for now I guess Tom Samthat we will call it a dream for now.  What a call a dream is to go in the winter Olympics for ice hockey and for my own very country that I love Canada. I first started playing hockey at 10 years old in pee wee c then this year I am in pee wee B I am for the team in Ste Catharine Coyotes. We only had one game yet thought it was not a real match we were against girls that were all about 6 foot tall they were good thought we won 10 -0 .

June 18, 2014


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Finally it is summer there will be no more school but sadly also no more new posts for two months. Because I am going to go on summer vacation I can’t write any posts. I am finishing my grade 5 and I am going in grade 6. Hurray!!! This summer I am going to practice skateboard and I will do lots of sports like soccer, hockey etc. I will also go to summer camp. I will have lots of fun this summer. I hope that you guys liked my blog. I will come back next year with even better posts. See you soon fellows and have a great summer.

June 10, 2014

My Biggest fear is…

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sam tomMy biggest fear is clowns also like Paul. if I don’t like clowns it is because I saw a scary movie of three clowns eating humans. I was scared after that to see a clown because I wanted to stay alive. the first clowns I saw I gust found them funny and gust there for money but it was still a talent that they have. The fifth clown I saw was the one I think got the most hurting leg because he came to close to me so I kicked him right on the legs. The clown was screaming and everyone thought it was funny and they probably thought of movies that the little kid punches the man in the most painful spot. Now my fear is not as high so I do not fell to much like kicking clowns well that is not a promise.



What is your biggest fear?

Evil Ha Ha Ha !!!

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What I understand about evil is that evil people are really but really bad and mean plus they don’t care about other people. In movies evil people always kill others for no reasons. What I know about evil is that in all evil teams there is a boss who is meaner and stronger then everyone and at the end the boss always dies and then the nice wins. Now an example are two about knowing if your a mean person  are an evil person if are a bully then you are bad only if you are a murderer then you are evil. If your the destroyer of the world and your in a movie then you would die because evil always die because the nice always wins.

The Giants Castle Chapter 4

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The four giants are now running in the forest to find animals. Wait there really running there going to scare all the animals they wont find any like that they weight like 114822 kilograms. Oh well, I guess there still running in the forest for animals. Wait there not at all doing that there eating a rotten dear oh well, again. I guess that will still do the job and get there powers. Euuuuuuu that one is disgusting its all red and on fire and is probably the fire giant the green one is earth giant the blue one is the water giant.

Back to the castle. Now I Tom will tell you something good for the giants there is a cute little baby that went in the castle a Paradine baby a baby human. The giants came back to the castle and they saw that…the Paradine people left without doing any traps but the giants were still careful to not fall in a trap are else they knew they could finish up in a bad shape. Then the giants herd a little crying sound they looked everywhere forgetting there worry of falling in trap and then die after all they dying was not an option. There only option was to go look for the object that was crying. Once they herd the sound coming closer and they found the baby.

May 28, 2014

The Giants Castle Chapter 3

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The giants had nothing to do they could only try to escape but they knew that they were trapped and couldn’t escape. So the giants went back in the castle and then had to do a plan are else they could finish and be like the other giants dead. The giants couldjgust not die how could they actually when they are the main characters of this story. Well to tell you they wont die well not know. The giants got to a plan they had to try and do it are simply die like the others and that they couldn’t. The 4 giants looked at the forest  they knew what to do the giants. The giants are weak they will go in the forest and they will eat all the animals they see and get there little secret in the animals body. If this is the first time you read this series of giants you wont know that the animals of Gaint have a secret in them they have a liquid that make the giants really strong and make them reach  there ultimate form.The giants jumped off the castle and ran to the forest hoping that they could at least find an animal not dead.

May 22, 2014

Private Island

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tom on privet islandIf I was escorted to a private island I would bring these 5 foods –  watermelon because it is full of water and it is healthy the second food I would bring would be Ananas because it is my favorite fruit I eat some a lot almost everyday my 3 would be meat because that is what I eat almost everyday for super because I like it. My 4 food would be carrot because because I like them when they are in the season. My final chose would be chicken because I really love it.

The foods I would really not bring would be eggs, tomatoes are peppers because I don’t like there taste like  the peppers are really spicy. Eggs is that I actually don’t know why I don’t like there taste. Tomatoes for me taste like greasy sauce with garbage on it.

I think that even if I bring my 3 favorite food I would be sick of eating those if it would be for a year because I would eat the same thing for to long so the taste would not be as I like because it would gust not be able to pas and I would puke for sure. And I think I would really not like that food anymore.

Five things I would bring to the private island would be my own bed because I find my bed more comfy then other beds. Second would be my home desk because I like doing activities on it like drawing. Third would be my hockey kit to play hockey because it is my favorite sport. Fourth would be my bathing suite to go swim in the water. Fifth would be my drawing kit  because I m like to draw and I draw something different everyday.

What I would bring but I cant would be my electronics but on an island there is no internet you can all say euuuuu what a boring island well we do need to control our self because if aliens attack  we would be in our hose on electronics and the aliens will party in the city and we wont know. I would also bring my family but I cant because I have a to much big family not everyone will fit and I love them all equally so I would need to bring them all. An other thing I would bring would be my house but a house those not fit in an airplane and we are not in a movie so no I can not tie it to the airplane are the airplane would fall and I live in a condo so I would have to bring the other people of the condo because I cant take there home away.

What 5 things would you bring on an private island?


May 21, 2014

En Francais

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Moi je parle en Français. C’est ma première langue je la parle a la maison. Je suis en école Englais parce que je veux apprend Langlais pour apprendre est être billage. Je crois qui li ya plus de Français que anglais. Je vois beaucoup de Français mais dans la rue il y a pas beaucoup d’Anglais. Dans mon école il ya beaucoup de personne qui parle en anglais et pas en Français. Je crois que c’est normal parce que c’est une école anglais et pas Français.

Quel langue parle tu?

What Language do you speak? 

The Giant Castle / Chapter 2

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Now you can guess that the giants are mad and sad they want revenge and you and I know that revenge is never good but it will happen. The giants are now prepare there nasty plan. at the end of this story I can tell you that noting will go better for sure so if you do not like bad story’s you may look at my other posts. Ready hope you are because I am starting if you remember that the four last giants are gods of Gaint then ou can know that they are smart because you cant be a god like that. Now lets go back to the story. the giants were ready to go fight the beautiful city of Paradine also ready to go risk there lives only for revenge.

The giants are ready to attack there plan is risky and they all know it but they will do everything they can to kill the people of Paradine until they die. There plan is to go two giants in back and to in front the two in the back will go inside and the two others will attract the warrior.  Now is the incredible time they are going to pack up. When the giants were finish packing they were ready but Boom the castle is trembling and all four giants fell off the castle and they saw the Paradine people standing with there swords ready to kill the giants. Read the rest of this entry »

May 14, 2014

Welcome To Naruto Uzumaki

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tom NarutoNaruto is a show I watch on my iPod. Naruto is a ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village he is always on missions that are dangerous. Naruto is an orphan because of a beast called the Nine Tailed Fox. When Narutos parents tried to save the village the Nine Tailed Fox Killed them.  once the village had no more chances of beating the Nine Tailed Fox they had to put him in a children’s body so they couldn’t be in danger after. The kid who had the Nine Tailed Fox was Naruto. Now when Naruto is REALLY mad he turns in his Nine Tailed Fox form.

Narutos team includes Naruto Uzumaki,Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno and there sensei is Kakashi Hatake. Sasuke got bitten by a mean man called Orochimaru and his bite turned into a cursed mark and now his cursed mark is at level 2. Sasuke now wants to stay with Orochimaru for power. Sakura loves Sasuke so she is really sad that Sasuke is going on the wrong path. Naruto loves Sakura also but he is the number 1 Knuckle Head. I am now at episode 212 and there is 220 episodes after there is 356 episodes in Naruto shippuden Naruto has a trainer called Pervy sage but his real name is Jiraiya and his nickname is Toad sage because he summons toads. There is also a Hocage that is in charge of the hidden leaf village she is called the 5 hocage the 1 and 2 are dead of oldness the first hokage was lady Tsuenades Uncle she is the 5 hokage. The 3 hokage died in episode 80 by Orochimaru the 4 died by the Nine Tailed Fox. There is statues of all 4 hokage and soon one of the 5 hokage hopefully.

Naruto shipudin is when Naruto is a teenager and that is when he gets really stronger and he fights his sensei Kakashi with his friend Sakura. Sakuras trainer is now Lady Tsuenade and she is so strong when she even flick you, you fly away and she is also a hospital personne sort of. She is more of a healing personne who is Hokage so she trained Sakura so Sakura is now really but really strong. The point now of there mission is to get bells from Kakashi and Kakashi loves reading so Naruto tells him the end to get the bells.

Do you watch Naruto?


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