My Science Fair!!!

sam tom blogHI folks, In March I will be having a science fair I have three great ideas that I will have to cut down and only chose one.

My three ideas are in the book called Science Works I chose Water wonder on page 43. I chose that because it is really interesting and I wanted to discover what was the real meaning of it.

My second idea is in the book Amazing Science Fair thee activity is called You Can Move A Marble Without Touching It on page 18, I chose this activity because it is really fun to see if we can make a marble jump on your elbow.

My third idea is the one I like the most, it is in the book called Simple Science the activity is called Jet balloon the activity is on page 6. I chose this activity because the idea is to tie a straw to a balloon and put a string in the middle of the straw then you let the air go out and the balloon will go straight not all over the place.

Edublog Nomination

Hi Folks!, Today I will be telling you my class best blog for older blogs and for the new ones.

As best older blog I chose Paul Online, I chose Paul online because he’s blog is original example his background it makes you see all his post in one square shape and I find that really fun. I also chose his blog because in all his post there are lots of interesting things example there can be a fact you don’t know and that post made you learn  else its just a nice little relaxing post to read because its intriguing.

As new blog I chose Calvin’s blog because he has a nice sports blog and I love sports but every time I read his blog makes me learn something it can be a fact are a news but he always makes me learn something. I also chose his blog because in his post he is able to put a lot of details and I really like details.

Good job to my two winners go check out there blogs on the link below.

This is Calvin’s

And this is Paul’s thanks a lot and good job winners again.

Count Out Three!

Hi dear folks today I did the three blog jump game it consists to go on your blog roll and then click on one of them then you look for the person’s blog roll then you do the same thing again. Now that you did that you comment on one of that  person’s post then you comment.

I did this by starting on blog an then I went on then my last lucky person who I would comment on was this was really fun because I think Mitch will be really happy.

I didn’t do this random I looked at the peoples blog who much I liked it. this is why I chose Dj’s blog. I chose him as first because in an other student challenge I had to go visit ten blogs and comment then I had to add them to my blog roll and he was one of them because he had a lot of good post that had details and he is the one I like the most in my blog roll. then I chose Noah’s because he had the things that people want to see example this surprised me a lot he choses to make us click on his top ten buildings instead of telling them to us and are finger can just not click it good job. blog because he was exactly like Dj’s but he had extra like games an things that get other peoples attention example he did a book review on a book and the picture doesn’t make sense with the title so it forces to read it.

Good job to all these three people I love your blogs and if you don’t see your name hear don’t worry your blog is awesome because if we give are one-hundred present we will have the best blog we could have so every blogger in this world don’t stop giving your best!

Yay!!! Next Year Is High School


Next year I will finally be going to High School. Finally after 6 long years of getting up at 6:30 in the morning I will be able to sleep more. I will go to Heritage Regional High School, the biggest school in Quebec.

The yard has a big, well maintained basketball court, an AWESOME giant football field and there will be a 12 and older soccer fields but that’s not it.

There will be an arena in back of the school so I will be able to practice one of my favorite sports hockey.

I really like that I will be able to do sports team for a different school that means I wont be  for the St-Lawrence Lions team anymore I will be for the Heritage Huskies.

Wow all these changes will affect me in all different ways. I’ll learn so many different things!

Heritage is giant like I said the biggest school in Quebec so I’m pretty sure I will have trouble knowing exactly were to go but that is normal everyone does mistakes. ( Oh no! I don’t want to get lost in the school !).

But even if all of this will be really cool I will miss my school and also my teachers but especially my friends because its not sure that I will have my friends in my class.

What school will you be going in for High school?


World`s Biggest And Scary Spider

The world’s biggest spider

Hello dear folks I went on Dogo News. Dogo news is a site was there are all different sorts of news that are all interesting.

I saw a post that I really found interesting it is on the biggest spider in the world weights as much as a new born puppy. We would think that a new born puppy isn’t heavy no it isn’t but for a spider a arachnid witch is body isn’t supposed to be fat weighted it is heavy.

I chose this article because honestly I love spiders because I like when you have a big spider on you and it crawls with its eight furry legs it tickles a lot.

I also chose this article because the title was really intriguing because I saw the two different species a puppy and a spider and I told myself those species don’t go together but I read the article and there’s nothing that happens with the puppy and also I told myself that a spider can’t really be heavy like a new born puppy because I told myself again that we can’t write this post if it’s a small dog weight because that would be lame and a new born big puppy would be really crazy.

I like this article because the picture in the cover chows the spider on money and I’m just sitting on my chair saying how they will get their money back because we say lots of the big spiders are poisonous.

I invite you to read the article on the link below.

World’s Biggest Spider Weighs As Much As A Newborn Puppy

St- Lawrence Lions football tournament

Hi it’s Tom again. I was chosen to be on the St-Lawrence football team it was awesome the first match was cool i dont remember what was the teams name but i know that we won 34-0 it was so amazing. Are next match was againts Internasional we won 24-0 that was really cool. Then are last match we were sure to get a ribbon but that is not what we were thinking of we were thinking of givving are best.

Then the match started we were againts St-Lambert after about 10 mins it was already 7-0 for them, then it was the second half it started and right away it was 7-7 we kept playing then they made a touchdown. Then there was 5 seconds left and it was 14-8 for them then 3 seconds left were on foot to making a touchdown and it was the end we lost but we didnt because we got second place it was awesome.

Play And Rest Pt. 1 Blog Action Day

Hi! My name is Tom and me and my friend Bob are doing the Blog Action Day, we have two posts of how Play & Rest is good and bad for you. Part one of the two posts is about how Play and rest is good for you and part two is about the bad.

Many places like Canada allow children to play, this is good for us kids because we need to use up all our energy!



Tom and Bob kawaii comic

If you play a lot you will learn about sportsmanship and sharing.

Play can also teach you communication.

Play can also make you build friendships.

Play can spark creativity.

Play helps you work with a team and collaborate.

Play makes you more social and makes you more of a leader.

Play is very good for your health and can make you stronger.

Play can help to get into a group or a team.

Playing makes you socialize with others and socialize makes you build friendships.

If you don’t play enough eventually you will get fatter and unhealthy.

We should always play nicely and never ever bully someone else!


Good rest bob and tom

When resting it is important to have a comfortable bed.

When you rest you get energized, and when you’re energized you can have more fun while playing with friends and also not get tired as fast.

If you don’t rest you won’t get a lot of energy and you might pass out in the middle of the day due to sleep deprivation, and you’re supposed to be playing in the day.

Play And Rest Pt. 2 Blog Action Day

Photo Credit: Bob Online and Tom Online