Play And Rest Pt. 1 Blog Action Day

Hi! My name is Tom and me and my friend Bob are doing the Blog Action Day, we have two posts of how Play & Rest is good and bad for you. Part one of the two posts is about how Play and rest is good for you and part two is about the bad.

Many places like Canada allow children to play, this is good for us kids because we need to use up all our energy!



Tom and Bob kawaii comic

If you play a lot you will learn about sportsmanship and sharing.

Play can also teach you communication.

Play can also make you build friendships.

Play can spark creativity.

Play helps you work with a team and collaborate.

Play makes you more social and makes you more of a leader.

Play is very good for your health and can make you stronger.

Play can help to get into a group or a team.

Playing makes you socialize with others and socialize makes you build friendships.

If you don’t play enough eventually you will get fatter and unhealthy.

We should always play nicely and never ever bully someone else!


Good rest bob and tom

When resting it is important to have a comfortable bed.

When you rest you get energized, and when you’re energized you can have more fun while playing with friends and also not get tired as fast.

If you don’t rest you won’t get a lot of energy and you might pass out in the middle of the day due to sleep deprivation, and you’re supposed to be playing in the day.

Play And Rest Pt. 2 Blog Action Day

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Dogs Rule!!!

Hi everyone I keep on going to Oceans blog like lots of people. I love dogs a lot I have a miniature Pincher his name is Peanut I think that Oceans blog is very inspiring for me in my opinion. I find Oceans blog inspiring because she talks about how she helps dogs and for me doge are important and they should not be abused . I invite you to go to Oceans blog  it is awesome and you will learn a lot on dogs you will love her blog 1000% hope you look at her blog.sam tom Dog

The Place I Would Never Want To Live In

I created a story called The Giants Castle. The giants live in a castle all dark and scary and in back of them is a forest full of dangerous animals. Honestly I would be scared to live in back of a forest that has animals that could come inside my house and if they wanted to start eating me that would not be fun for me. I would be going forward to go live in Paradine because there are flowers growing and there are only nice animals but thought I would not want to get eaten by the giants living in the city right in front of me. The city is called Gaint. Also in Paradine  the weather is nice and it smells like apple pie everyday(miam).

Soccer Tournaments!!!

This year I decided to go once more in soccer because it is my favorite sports. Of all the sports that exist in the world. Thought peop0le would find soccer boring because you only kick the ball. Well I like soccer because even if you only kick the ball if you do a goal you feel happy and even if you don’t you helped your team the best you could. And now if you say what happens if your goalie. Well if you win then you’re the one who made your team win even if you don’t do anything. Are team lost two times only and we had one tie and thirty-two victory’s so we were tied in first place with La Releve and we only played once with them and we got a tie and the team who beat us twice id Delson so we did no purpose to lost so those two teams go together and we went against the team we lost to witch is not a lose because that match only counted for them.  So because La Releve got a tie with Delson both of them got disqualified. And we won against St Remi we went in Demi finals against St Philip and we won 6-0. Then we went in finals against St Constant and I’m sorry to say that we won the series. Im looking forward to play soccer next year in the u-13 but for now im going to continue with hockey.

Maroon 5′s Best Song

I found a post on I really liked this post it is called My Favorite Song. I decided to try to write about my own post of my favorite song because I would like that everyone knows about my favorite song. Also I like this post because Ebony decided to put a video of her favorite song and then I was able to see what her song is and that was very fun for me.

My favorite song is Maps made by the music group called Maroon 5.  I like this song because it has real people that are able to sing and play instruments really goodly. An other reason is that I like how the group sounds like they do a sort of robot voice. This video was very addicting because the video was very bright. Once I liked the song I could see the lyrics and read what are the words of the song and I really liked it+ .

I couldn’t put a video of this song because at my school we are not aloud to go on YouTube sorry but I invite you to go after school are if your aloud at school to go on YouTube and watch this video.


Once Upon A Time

I have an awesome Blog to tell you about expesolly if you like storys. I fond out Josh P’s Learning Portfoilio he has not just normal stories he has amazing stories he has some of all sorts i find his blog really really cool i recamend you hardly to go visit his blog you will love it.

For the people that like stories and people that are enterested click on his blog!!!

My Awesome Summer

My summer started with me going to la ronde with my dad and my cousin. We first did the attraction called the Splash  we sat in the back of the car so all the water would go on us it was very cool and we were soaking wet. The second attraction we did was the Monster it was awesome we went every directions and I could see my cousins hair flying. The third attraction we did was the new one the devil when we were up side down I could see the water coming up in our faces so my dad turned his face and all the water went on we it was very funny. Then we did the oldest attraction of la ronde la Pitoune. It was really cool because even if we weren’t aloud to splash my dad kept on splashing us. One of the coolest attractions was Le tour du village. What we did was that we kept on turning and turning going in diagonal when we went out of the attraction we were all dizzy. Then we decided to go to the goliath. That was my favorite attraction. It started with us going super high then we went super fast down a hill. And we did the same thing over and over on smaller hills, After all those attractions we saw it was three o`clock pm. So we went to eat. After we ate we went back to attractions. Just me and my dad this attractions because my cousin was scared. My cousin was scared of the two attractions. The Vampire And the Ednard because we kept on turning around and my cousin doesn’t like seeing the sky. Then It was 9:00 o`clock Pm so we went back home. This was one of the best days I ever had.


Did you ever go to Laronde if you did what is your favorite attraction?




sam tom

My Dream

First of all my dream is not a dream because it will be realized but for now I guess Tom Samthat we will call it a dream for now.  What a call a dream is to go in the winter Olympics for ice hockey and for my own very country that I love Canada. I first started playing hockey at 10 years old in pee wee c then this year I am in pee wee B I am for the team in Ste Catharine Coyotes. We only had one game yet thought it was not a real match we were against girls that were all about 6 foot tall they were good thought we won 10 -0 .


Do you play hockey and if you do what category are you in?


Finally it is summer there will be no more school but sadly also no more new posts for two months. Because I am going to go on summer vacation I can’t write any posts. I am finishing my grade 5 and I am going in grade 6. Hurray!!! This summer I am going to practice skateboard and I will do lots of sports like soccer, hockey etc. I will also go to summer camp. I will have lots of fun this summer. I hope that you guys liked my blog. I will come back next year with even better posts. See you soon fellows and have a great summer.